How does conflict occur in the workplace?

Conflicts in the workforce originate from individual differences in needs, values and motivations. Most conflicts can be resolved but it is important to choose action appropriate to situation. Some conflicts may need to be passed on to a supervisor or appropriate personnel for assistance with resolution. In these cases, some form of mediation will usually occur with the aim of reaching consensual agreement.

Below, you will find various causes for conflict within the entertainment industry. Read through each one and takes notes, before continuing to the next page.  

Ineffective communication

Ineffective communication between people in the workplace, (workers, customers, visitors etc) can lead to conflict due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the message being communicated. Often, this can lead to unproductive work, poor time management and the need to complete unnecessary tasks which can cause conflict. Clear communication in the workplace will prevent it being the cause of conflict. 


Unsafe work practices

Unsafe work practices can be a major and dangerous cause of conflict. If a worker is directed to work in  an unsafe manner by their employer it can cause conflict between them. Conflict can occur when one  worker uses unsafe work practices as this puts other workers and possibly the organisation at risk. 


Absolutely ridiculously unsafe work access


Poor customer service

Most customer service complaints relate to the following things: 

Customer Support


Changes to work practices

When changes are made to work practices, conflict situations can arise. Sometimes the changes are  brought about by management, with new workers who are unfamiliar with the company’s previous  practices. When new work practices are to be introduced all workers should be trained in the new  practices, and have explained to them why they have been changed. 




Cultural misunderstandings

Conflict that may occur because of cultural differences and ignorance, or misunderstandings arising  from those differences. People come from different backgrounds; they may have differing beliefs and  values, and speak another language. With the exception of the smile there are few gestures that have  the same meaning in all cultures, although when used at certain moments, this too could offend. Take  care using gestures when working with people from different cultures.When working with people from  other cultures be aware that they are trying hard to make their needs known and listen carefully to what  they are trying to say. Their body language may indicate whether you are successfully communicating.


Breaches of security

A conflict situation can occur when there has been a breach of security. This could happen at a venue when you find unauthorised people in a restricted area. Speak to them calmly and quietly, and ask them how you can help them. Offer to show them the way back to the unrestricted area. Being assertive and not aggressive is the most effective means of dealing with this situation. 




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