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School Subscription – $250 per year (multiple users) – DOWNLOAD FORM

If you are after a multi-user/school license, please download the form, fill it out & post/email/fax it. (Payments can also be made via Paypal here, but the form must be sent via post/email/fax).

*** You will receive individual logins for all music teachers and music students, regardless of how many you require.

You must download the form and send in for multi-user subscriptions.

Single Subscription

Teacher–  $49 per year – DOWNLOAD FORM (If you are paying through school finance office) Use Paypal or Direct Transfer below if payment is not going through school.

General Interest –  $49 per year

University Student–  $39 per year

High School (or other) student –  $15 per year

*** You will receive an individual login for full access to the site. These options are the way to go if you’re school does not approve a multiple user subscription, you are a University student, or if you’re just plain interested in Music! Remember, with the exception of the General Interest subscription, an educational email address must be supplied to obtain these subscriptions.

You can fill out the form linked below and pay now via Paypal – or…

Pay via direct debit with the details below… but make sure you make it clear in the transaction description who it is from and send an email to admin@conceptsofmusic.com.au with your contact details to let us know that you have paid for a subscription.

Direct Transfer

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account Name: SLB Music

BSB: 062-627

ACCT #: 1025 3088

(Please indicate school clearly in transaction description)


Click here

to make a Paypal payment.


Please read our Terms and Conditions before proceeding with a subscription.

Under normal circumstances, subscriptions will be activated within 3 business days of payment being received. An email will be sent to the contact teacher or individual purchasing the subscription detailing usernames and passwords, as well as a tax invoice.

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