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This site is specifically designed for Music Students and Music Teachers who want an extensive list of specific aural examples at their fingertips.

STUDENTS – Pass this site on to your teachers!

You will find organised and referenced examples of any compositional device you can think of. If you’re looking for a specific example of a modulation, it’s here. Looking for an example of an accelerando? It’s here. Ice-cream chords? It’s here. Diminution?


We have practice exam questions (complete with expected responses and marking guidelines – download sample below), various different listening guides, worksheets and games.

This site is not only useful for senior and university Music students, but invaluable for younger elective classes too.

As a K-12 Music teacher myself, I created this resource out of necessity. There is nothing like this anywhere!

Each example has a link to enable you to listen immediately on YouTube and if you are a teacher, the album name and label it was released on is there for you – along with an alert for explicit lyrics!


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  • eg. modulation, accelerando, rubato etc...
  • Approx time it happens in the piece eg. 2mins 45sec
  • We can credit you on the site if you enter your name here!

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